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Sunday, 9/22/20021:00 pm by Rick Jonesrjdj@charter.net

Please note I have added a links page - sparse at the moment.
BUT after you all send me your favorite links it will be a great 
resource area.  Please E-Mail me YOUR personal web pages and
favorite sites to add to this page!

I was going to begin with both reunion slide shows (before and "at")
and the McGiverin/Cieslewicz Wedding slide show - HOWEVER 
these files are to large to download, so for a mere $5.00 I'll send 
all 3 on a CD. These are files any up to date computer with a CD
should be able to play (regular executable files)

Order page available soon on the links page for the slide shows 
and the Genealogy Book also !
Also Note: I am unemployed at the moment - any web site 
building jobs or other leads on employment - appreciated!
In Order to m

Therese Anne McGiverin &
James Cieslewicz
September 14, 2002

Saturday, 9/07/200210 :00 pm by Rick Jonesrjdj@charter.net

Happy B DAY TO ME! almost half a century
Thanks Bob Casey and Ree Casey - You guys know why!
Please click here and see some more Reunion Photos
from me and John Laughlin IV!

so you can only see the thumbnails! (except first few)
Any one that can offer me free (or cheap)
webspace let me know ASAP ! I'm at 10mb now and will need at 
least 10 more. I can't update any more family groups
till i get space. : (
Tuesday, 8/20/200210 :00 pm by Rick Jonesrjdj@charter.net

THANKS Megan Taylor - her reunion shots!!

Wednesday, 8/21/200210 :00 am by Rick Jonesrjdj@charter.net

Thanks To Tom Casey for the arrivals 
Monday sometime.
Does he sleep?)
(my own pictures are locked up on John Laughlin's 
computer somewhere)!

FRIDAY, 8/16/2002 10 :00 am by Rick Jonesrjdj@charter.net

4hrs sleep - but who's counting - printing all this all 
and transferring to laptop

At last count we have over 170 for dinner - out of a possible 
... oh 210ish  80 % attendance - WAY TO GO CASEY'S

Just a few of the shots I have come across - way good  photo page 
to come after reunion!

WEDNESDAY, 7/24/2002 10 :35 pm by Rick Jonesrjdj@charter.net

Mary (laughlin) Hobert Writes: 
Dear Family....
It would have been so easy to ask everyone their t-shirt sizes 
on the reunion form you all sent back, but I don't always like to 
take the easy way out. So, now I have to ask you to return this 
email ASAP with all your familys' sizes because
we have to get the info to Meg Casey Benben (who has designed 
some great shirts), by next week.
So, if you're getting this email, list the family members who are 
coming to the reunion and their sizes and just shoot them 
back to me. 

That's about it!  The next thing you'll hear will be an email or 
letter from me giving you all the last minute details.  Pray that 
I don't forget anything! 
There is SSOOOOO much to remember!  The committee 
(Rodney and Mary Casey, Kevin and Vicki McGiverin, and 
Tag and me) is really working to make this unbelievable turnout
(130 adult reservations so far! 
If you know of anyone who hasn't let us know they're coming yet, 
encourage them to connect with me!)
a fabulous, heartwarming, inspirational, fun weekend.
We have 3 wks to go before you all arrive!  Make sure you have 
all your plans made!  Love to you all...........Mary 

I have change the website and added a Navagation Bar at the top 
now please let me know how this is working out - you need I/E 
5.5 or better or latest mozilla or netscape (6.? or preview 7) 
seems to allow easier movement around the site.
THURSDAY, 7/18/2002 8 :55 am by Rick Jonesrjdj@charter.net

HELP less than 1 month and I have close to 150+ pctures 
needed yet !   /me sigh - I havent got them yet - Im going to start 
using old stuff I have - this is not a good idea!  LETS GO PEOPLE
I"m getting Scared ! 
THURSDAY, 7/18/2002 8 :55 am by Rick Jonesrjdj@charter.net

WoW,  good news from Bob casey ! 
Howdy all-

Let me add my thanks to Quinn's for all the prayers & good wishes 
during what was a pretty harrowing time in the hospital. 
As Quinn said, it was a nasty attack of the Ecoli infection, 
initially affecting my blood and urinary systems, but quickly 
generating side effects in my nervous system--specifically spasms 
of pain (level 7-8 on 1-10 scale) on the right side of  my head above 
my right ear. Recoiling from those spasms was literally bouncing me off the bed. 
After a host of tests to make sure they had it figured out 
(IVP, CAT-scan, EEG, MRI, if you're into abbreviations), they attacked it with 
intravenous CIPRP antibiotic and got it under control. 
Suffice to say, if it was a type of near-death experience, I don't recommend it!! 

The experience does generate some lessons learned that are worth passing on, 
I think:
(1)  If you ever experience uncontrollable shudders or tremors, get to a hospital, 
IMMEDIATELY!  All the doctors reiterated that such an effect is a clear indication
that some kind of infection has gotten hold of your body.
(2)  For the guys over 50--get annual physicals and pay attention to the blood 
results that show elevated PSA readings.  That's a possible indicator of Prostate 
cancer but can be caused by a couple of other things (in my case the biopsy to 
check for cancer was negative)  Even so, it's nothing to toy with.
(3) If you do get a biopsy, recognize that it is an invasive procedure. 
It may not necessarily lead to an infection, but the super-sharp Infectious
Disease Specialist doctor on my case is convinced it's one of the preconditions 
that can lead to infection.  (Just to drop the other foot, she & others never 
isolated the source of my Ecoli infection.  But she concluded that the biopsy & 
traces of blood in urine on annual physical in Jun were preconditions that 
combined with something I ate or drank to give me the Ecoli, even though others 
tea and drank the same things I did and did not get it.)

Anyway, thanks again for your prayers and support.  Now that's enought serious
stuff and we can get on to the lots more fun stuffy of a great 
. . . exactly a monty away from now.  Hope you can all make it--it'll be a super 
celebration of our faith, family and fun!!

Love to all from all here / Bobby & Mary Frank

Monday, 7/10/2002 10 :55 am by Rick Jonesrjdj@charter.net

Last Info I have is Bob went home ! And is recovering well 
unfortunitly I can't confirm! If any one knows more let me 
know PLEASE ! hmmm No pictures or updates for 3 days in 
row - thats not good lets go people ! 
Monday, 7/10/2002 10 :55 am by Rick Jonesrjdj@charter.net

Pray NOW! 
Just received a note from Quinn Casey - 
apparently his dad, Bob Casey has come down with 
"a strain of E. COLI virus" !  Prayer is a must ! We need 
to pray for a quick recovery !  For more info: 

Received updates from Ree Casey and the Roeders 
um - when I finish roeders - thats like 6 more 1st cousins 
once removed and a whole bunch of spouses- 
Gee I hope Mary and Tag have a really really BIG TENT ! 
This isn't 100% acurate yet.. 
but we are some 240 strong ! Give or take 10 ! 
lets see I get about 5 pictures a day = 48 days 
oh oh ! Ok I have to take next month off from work ! 

Monday, 7/08/2002 9 :55 am by Rick Jonesrjdj@charter.net

Been very busy (up north) relaxing - cant work on this 
30 hrs a week and not take a break! J/K (really 40) 
UPDATES are starting to trickle in ! 
Monica & REE - Thanks ! 
And Thanks to Conley family! 
I am An "egocentricdetailamaniac"
details details details details details -want em gotahave em !
 I noticed that some of you are 
stricly adhering to the form I sent DON'T !  that was the past 
format and new is somewhat different.  Baptism dates and 
places are very important (some didn't get printed on the form). 
make additions and changes based on... yep - DETAILS.
Addresses showed up in wrong place (not my fault)
make sure and include everything
Make sure you include all details! 
Anything you feel important to HISTORY !
Please pass this on to fellow family members that dont
view website!
NEW---> Alphabetical List with addresses and emails
check it out on left menu !

Friday, 6/28/2002 7 :55 am by Rick Jonesrjdj@charter.net

I have now sent out ALL the packets to update the
family tree program info - If you dont have one - 
contact family memeers - someone has it - GET GOING 
SEND PHOTOS (some money too - for expenses) 
Is this the most complet list of E-mails? 
47 Emails on the Email page - check yours 
and update, change or add by emailing me

Saturday, 6/22/2002 11:55 am by Rick Jonesrjdj@charter.net

Dorothy Irene Casey Jones
1914 - 2002

"Twas a funeral that was befitting me Mither!" 
... complete with Irish Tenor ! 
"Irish Eyes" were smiling with tears of 
sorrow and joy. The loss of a great person 
and the joy that she resides in a "Better Place" 
Click picture to go to funeral pictures 
Thursday,  6/06/2002 7:15pm by Bob Casry bob.casey@lmco.com

One bit of family news.  Two cousins 
Meegan (Catherine Casey Owens) Kriley 
and Quinn (Bill Casey) Casey competed 
in and completed the San Diego Rock-n-Roll Marathon 
on 2 June.  Quinn finished just under 4 hrs and Meegan 
a bit later, but both  reported a great time in a really neat city. 
Hopefully Meegan  &/or Quinn will send you pictures / add 
details for the family website. 
Moday, 6/3/2002 9:00pm by Rick Jonesrjdj@charter.net

WOW - I just found out there was an update to my family tree 
program "Brothers Keeper" That makes web pages for me 
automatically from that data base!  so - big changes in the 
genealogy page !   This means I only have to update the 
family tree program and press a button and 
BAM ! web page made!
so I don't have to constatnly update both, and maually 
make those family pages - and whats better - it's easy 
to do each time I get even the simples updates 
OH HAPPY DAY !   :-) 
If any one wants to get the program do so - I can keep the 
updated files available on this site and all you have to do 
is copy data files over and view them yourself. 

Saturday, 6/1/2002 6:00pm by Rick Jonesrjdj@charter.net

I may have not stressed enough to PLEASE send
complete Info: Full names, addresses, places, phone
numbers, E-mail Addresses, everything and anything
not all info like addresses and phone #'s are put on 
web page. BUT are critical to ACURATE Genealogy
for my genealogy program!
Grrrr... just wrote 3 paragraphs and computer 
locked up! I just hate when that happens! 
Woohoo - Mary Kay Kriley Owens second 
person to send photos...  THANKS !
Ok... not everone has the  "package" yet!
your package is coming soon!

Friday, 5/31/2002 6:00pm by Rick Jonesrjdj@charter.net

Mom looking her best 
for mothers Day 2002! 
Unfortunately mom is not 
doing to well, and we 
would like to remember 
this day. I wanted to share 
this photo with everyone. 
click the picture to view larger image.

The "Extended Family"
click the picture to view larger image.

Sunday, 5/27/2002 10:00am by Rick Jonesrjdj@charter.net

Yvonne Casey's daughter 
Meghan Mary Scott Taylor 
& Husband Tommy sent the 
first picture to add to the 
family tree! 
Meet Clancy Sheridan Taylor ! 

Click image to see larger image . 

Sunday, 5/26/2002 6:15pm by Rick Jonesrjdj@charter.net

New Email Page now UP !
Check it out - all the E-mail Address I have of this 
moment - click on above link

Saturday, 5/22/2002 10:51am by Corey Bruce

Webmaster note - Cory and Sheila picked up on a little 
bug I put in to the genealogy page - any one else find it ?
Hint: Know thy parents (or Grandparents)!?
Patrick Casey Henneger graduated from 
Marquette Law School on May 19th. He 
will be working for a firm in Madison. 
We're all really excited to have himback in Madison. 

Happy 50th Bithday 
Meg (Paul Casey) Benben
3 Margaret Ann Casey #209  b. 05/20/1952 St. Louis, MO

Tues., 5/14/2002 Therese Anne McGivein 

We would appreciated it if you 
could pass this along to other 
family members. Updates have 
been made so please check it 
out by logging on to 
We hope that you find the 
information helpful. 
Therese Anne McGiverin &
James Cieslewicz
September 14, 2002

Mon., 5/13/2002 9:15pm by Ree Casey 
Hi Rick, 
Nice work on the web site updates and the 
family news section! If you think it's appropriate, 
I thought I'd submit the following. 
Meg Casey Benben
(oldest of Paul [aka Buddy] and Marie) 
will celebrate her 50th natal day on 
Monday, May 20th. 
Those seeking to spur her on and/or 
commiserate are encouraged to send cards or call: 
8115 Rosehill Road 
Lenexa KS 66215 
Submitted by one of her seven still-under-50 siblings, 
Ree Casey. 

Sunday, 5/11/2002 12:15am by Rick Jones rjdj@charter.net

Future additions to the site include E-mail addresses 
section. I will try and make available in
different formats! Everyone Send me 
Everything you have ! 

Saturday, 5/11/2002 11:15pm by Rick Jones rjdj@charter.net

Dorothy Casey Jones continues to have her 
ups and downs with her battle with Cancer. 
Morphine has helped with breathing but her
back pain is keeping her in bed a lot. 

Saturday, 5/11/2002 11:15pm by Rick Jones rjdj@charter.net

A little over a week ago a new addition 
to the casey clan was born! 
Elisabeth (Lizzy) Kathleen Mikulich - born to Jennifer 
Langlois Mikulich & Rudy Mikulich !