Resist the urge to send me partial information !
Remember the following: I want everything about everyone. 
Get together your family info/updates and PHOTOS ! Critical Are dates and 
places & full Names, (Richard J. Jones - not Rick Jones); addresses, e-mails; 
Birth/where(church&city)/when;Death/where (cemetery- city)/when;
Baptized/where(church&city)/when; Marriage/where(church&city)/when; 
Divorce/where/when etc., etc., etc. 
WHEW !  DETAILS ! Oh did I mention PHOTOS ? YEP i see it up there ^ 
Share some anecdotes and stories!  I can take any photos - 
scanned on scanners (*.gif, *. jpg, *. tif, *.bmp,*.etc)
  If mailed - all will be returned - if properly labeled.      Thanks  !
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