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Family photo of Bernard and Margaret Casey Circa 1925

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Tuesday , 6/07/2010 10:00 am by Rick Jones

Click hat logo to go to Photo Page from the 100th Birth day of
Catheryn Casey Owens.

Tuesday , 10/16/2007 10:00 am by Rick Jones

Hello Everyone! 
I hope all is well.

We thought you might enjoy Bridget's latest picture…


Best regards,

Karla, Bill and Bridget Bullock

Saturday , 10/13/2007 10:00 am by Rick Jones

Darby Jane Casey Born   24 July 07 6 lbs – 18 inches 
Picture taken  3 Aug 07 (10 days old) 6 lbs, 7 oz

Have to share our first look at RJ & Nalini's new baby girl, Darby Jane Casey, born 24 July (~4 weeks premature by c-section) in Morgantown's Ruby Memorial Hospital.  A tiny (6 lb, 18 in) but beautiful little angel...mother & baby doing well.  The enclosed picture was taken on our first visit to WV this last week.
<>Just to add to the excitement, we were hosted by Nalini's mother, Cynthia & her husband David Myerberg where RJ, Nalini & now 4 girls were "camping out" (in style) while the remodeling/expansion of their home at 1402 Far Meadow, Morgantown, WV, 26508, nears completion (~ estimated completion mid Sept.)  Love / The Caseys (Bobby and Mary Frank)

Tuesday , 10/04/200610:00 am by Rick Jones

Tuesday , 10/04/2006 10:00 am by Rick Jones

Travis Christopher Jones born September 12 2006
Weighed in at a meeger  5lbz 3.5 oz
and doing well.
1st Son of Jason and Linda Jones and  1st Grandchild of
Richard and Deborah jones

Sunday , 03/20/2005 2:00 pm by Rick Jones

I am recovering from my Rotator Cuff surgery - SLOWLEY but surely.
My Doctor recently said on a scale of 1 - 10,  I was 9-10. whew!
Almost 6 weeks of REHAB have me with my arm wipeing the walls and very good "Range of Motion" Recovery should get close to 90 -100% with another couple of months- just begun strength training this week. Highly Recommend you avoid this injury !
Rotator Cuff fact/info web page
Sunday , 03/20/2005 2:00 pm by Rick Jones

On John C Owens "Jack"
I am deeply sorry I was not able to post this sooner -
But I did run into some problems of my own shortly after I received this!
I recently received a page from the Edgewwod Alumni Newsletter
which describes Jack's gift to Edgwood High School This link has all the details:
You need Acrobat Reader to view above, get that here if you don't have it.

With Jack Owen's passing at  8:00pm PST, Tuesday, 4 January 2005, another particularly unusual member of our large and dynamic extended family has joined those who have gone before.  Consistent with the provisions of his living will, after removal of life support mechanisms, Jack was kept comfortable and pain free in the surgical ward of Kaiser Hospital until his breathing slowed and then stopped...slipping mercifully from this and onto the next life.  We can only pray that God extends his heavenly understanding and kindness to this very bright, intense and complex clan member.
Also consistent with his wishes, his cremated remains will, along with those of his beloved wife, Maren, soon be buried near his paternal grandparents in the cemetary near the Village of Oregon, near Madison, WI.
In a final act of generosity, Jack bequeathed his entire estate in trust to Edgewood High School to pay tuition and support for children who otherwise could not afford to attend that excellent private institution of learning.  He did so in honor of his mother, our Aunt Catherine, whose own tuition to attend Edgewood had been paid by our great Uncle Simon.  In addition, to those who assisted in setting up the trust at Edgewood, Jack confided that since he and Maren were unable to have children, he hoped the product of their working lives and investments could benefit deserving children in the future.

<>Besides prayers, if you would like to extend symphathies and any thoughts, I'm sure they will bring comfort to his mother:
  Mrs. Catherine Owens
  2815 Old Fort Rd (Apt 312)
  Missoula Mt 59804
  406 543-1254

Marie Juliette "Julie" Casey Funeral Information
St Bernards 2450 Atwood Ave. Madison, WI
9:30 - 11:00 Visitation
11:00   ------  Mass

Monday , 09/20/2004 10:01 pm by Rick Jones

It is with Deep Sadness I must write everyone tonight!
Marie Juliette "Julie" Casey Passed away tonight at approximately 5:00pm
Wife of John Casey since 1945. and mother to Tim, Rodney, Colleen, Beverly and Nancy. and many grandchildren and great grandchildren. 
I wish to extend my deepest sympathy to all of her children, grand-children and the whole family, many on this mail list.
Others in the Casey Family, please check the header and if you know someone not on the list that should be notified please do so.
Arrangements have not be completed at this time - I will update the website if time, but will email to this list what I know, when I know it.
Again  to Tim, Rodney, Colleen, Beverly and Nancy and of course John,  Kathy an I extend our heart felt sympathy's !

(there is a Casey in her name somewhere) 

She is 4th cousin to all of my generation ie:
Children of 
"the brothers and sisters" or
children of Bernard and Margaret. 
She has
worked on some  of the most fascinating 
historical documents 
and has  provided me
 with relationships I never would have found 
from  Ireland
to John & Simon to Michael to
 Bernard to "the Brothers and  sisters to
5 generations to the present "cousins"
 being Bobby Casey,   Ree Casey, John Laughlin, Kathy Jones Langlois, Mike
Casey,  Mary Kay owens Kriley.
and how ever many Generations below that we
 are at? Another 3 or 4 ? 
TOTALLY AWESOME 8 or 9 Generations are charted!

MANY many MANY updates are coming !
Including the entire Casey family tree back to Simon and John 
from Ireland Circa 1790.
Check back often

And if you have not heard  - 150th Reunion of St Mary's in
Pine Bluff is June 27th

See above link under 'Genealogy' for entire  family
 tree to date as I get completed updated weekly !
Photo Pages will be updated as well with Photos like
above as time permits.

Wednesday , 06/15/2004 10:01 pm by Rick Jones
Now We are talking - my email is getting flooded!
Congratulations TO :

Wednesday , 06/15/2004 10:01 pm byCory Bruce
Cory  and  Michael Bruce on their new son Connor Born
January 17, 2004 - picture in this space soon and on
genealogy soon I hope !

Wednesday , 06/15/2004 10:01 pm byShannon Helmberger
Aidan Patrick Helmberger was born
Shannon Marie Scott Helmberger and Timothy 
Helmberger on January 22, 2004. His
Aidan was born  at St. Mary's Hospital
in Madison, WI  53715

Wednesday , 06/15/2004
10:01 pm by
John Laughlin IV

Stalla Ann Nefs: 
May 15, 2004.
Son of  Jason and
Rebecca Ann (Laughlin) Nefs.
(photo is of Father and Daughter)

THURSDAY , 06/10/2004 10:01 pm by Rick Jones
Working on Several new links (See above link bar)
...under Genealogy - COMPLETE  CASEY CLAN  updates weekly or
at least monthly - check back often to see who was added.
going to try a huge family tree thing - check to see progress !
...under photos - working on an old photos section ( like above photo)
(AS we get photos back from John Laughlin IV )    ( IF  / when )
AND historical Documents - As I get them - so SEND ME SOME !
I promise to send right back !
I hope to include more of the Other Casey relatives
I have recently discovered ! and their info ( maybe they will send
more info to put on here) ANY ONE OUT THERE READING THIS ?

Wednesday , 05/12/2004 3:01 pm by Rick Jones
Check out the Hobert Family Newsletter HERE!

Tuesday, 03/13/2004 12:01 pm by Rick Jones

Now that our little Megan is in Irish
dancing with the Trinity Dancers,
I thought I should foreword this on FYI.
Happy St. Pat’s Day!

We just found out that Trinity Dancers
will be  performing on several national
TV shows on St. Patrick’s Day in addition
to all of our local TV coverage!
Watch the Wayne Brady Show on
March 16th
and Good Morning
 America on March 17th
for Trinity performances that will be seen coast to
 coast! We will also most likely be making
an appearance during David Letterman’s monologue on March 17th, but we will
 not know for sure until next week. Additionally there is a possibility that some Trinity Irish
Dance Company members may be on Fox & Friends on March 17th but again
we will not know for sure until next week. Be sure to tune in to see your fellow
dancers representing our school to the whole country!
 Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the Whole Trinity Staff! Have a great weekend and
don’t forget to tune in!

-Laura Lynn Delso
 Trinity Irish Dance Academy
 2936 N. Southport
 Chicago, IL 60657
 (773) 774-5961 Academy Ext. 11
 My Motto and My Blood Type: B Positive.

Tuesday, 02/25/2004 12:01 pm by Rick Jones

Information is sketchy at best so far but
I am sure all our condolences and prayers go out to Jack Owens 
his mother; Katherine and all the Kriley's on the passing of
Maren Owens.
Bob Casey Writes:
I'm sure that those of you who knew Maren, Jack Owens' wife,
will be sad to hear of her passing.  I just learned from Mike Casey
and Catherine that Maren passed away late last October from cancer
after some 5 months of related illness and some pain.  Though details
are being sought, little more is known beyond the foregoing info that
Maren's sister, Margaret, passed on via letter from her home in
Germany to Mary Kay Kriley in Montana.
For now, all we can do is mourn the passing of a woman whose sweet
and cheerful personality endeared her to all she knew, say a prayer of
thanks for her eternal reward and peace, and say a prayer to ease the
pain of those who were closest to her.

I have just gotten back into swing of things - well we can hope
Nnewest babies I have are:
Eve Bernadette Casey
born 08/07/2003 to
Joshua and Bernadette
(Tom Casey and
Judy Casey youngest son)

and  Lucas Conrad Langlois
Born 06/12/2003 son of
 Jeff and Brenda Langlois
(Kathy Casey Jones Langlois
and James Langlois oldest child)

I have updated the Genealogy pages !

Saturday, 06/21/200310:13 pm by Bob Casey-Mike Casey

Aunt  Catherine, 
fell and 
her hip 
a week ago,

not in the tub or shower, in her apartment, was
just exhausted one day. 
She was in the hospital, and had hip surgery, last week, and released on 
Tuesday of this week.  I found out via grand-daughter Coleen, voice-mail 
last Thursday.  Writes Michael Casey

Bob Casey Adds: Talked to Catherine to day at Providence Hospital 
(I think it's a rehab-type place) and she sounded fine.  As usual these 
days with hip replacement surgery on older people, they really get right 
on the therapy and Catherine says they're working her hard. 
(Hip replacement sounds pretty bad, but 
Mary Frank 's mother broke a hip at about 93 and got back to pretty
good independence.) Really critical Catherine gets back on her feet
(pardon the unavoidable pun), because she has to be totally independent 
to continue living in the University House where she has a really 
nice apartment. I've asked Mike Casey to provide telephone and address 
of Hospital for those who want to send cards, etc., 

Catherine is at:
Providence Medical Center 
500 17th. Avenue, 
Seattle, WA.  98122 
Phone: 206-320-2414 
her room #638 East.

Tuesday, 06/17/20038:13 pm by Bob Casey

Greetings all-
Mary Frank & I had a good, though too-short visit with RJ in DC 
and Morgantonw over the weekend of 7-9 June, just prior to his 
return to Iraq for 2-4 weeks.  Got a better sense for where he 
was and what he was doing.  As noted earlier, some medical 
but mostly special ops working with Kurdish forces in the north. 
Pretty close to a lot of what was going in and often among first in
to some of the liberated towns/cities. This trip is different--probably
in the south, more medical duties, less active combat 
(though the volatility worries us) and this time he can get e-mail. if you care to drop him a line.  Not sure 
when he'll be back but we think not later than ~9 July so he can 
start a training course in TX later in July 
Your good thoughts and prayers appreciated..
.nothing's completely safe.

Love, best wishes and best regards to all,
Case & Mary Frank

Tuesday, 06/17/20038:13 pm byPatrick Casey

Patrick writes: (son)Ted & Annie live at 811 Ashbury, Apt A, 
San Francisco, CA 94117. That's in the Haight-Ashbury District.
Must be fun.
Sally and Alan now live at 5636 Wagon Train Rd, Austin, TX 78749
Alan is now a Regional Manager for a company called Shred USA, 
which specializes in not just recycling paper, but shreds it for 
company, then recycles it. He has several guys working for him 
and covers Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Corpus Christi, etc. 
We like having them closer to us. Arlington was a 4-5 hr drive 
from San Antonio. Now they're only 1.5 hrs from us. Sally is 
expecting her third in August
Jody changed jobs. She just started with a company called Beat AIDS. 
She's a case manager.
Tuesday, 06/17/20032:01 pm by Rick Jones

I am getting back to updating this page more often now
- send me your family news

Anneversaryof Moms passing 1 year - June 16 2002
Kathy and I toasted Dorothywith a drink and dinner !
These memorial stones are at Little Bohemia 
at Casey Jones Cottage. Stop by anytime! 

Saturday, 06/14/200312:01 pm by Rick Jones

Lucas Conrad Langlois
Born 6/12/03 1:10am (apporx)
8lbs 10 ounces
(dad looks a wee bit tired)

Jeff and Brenda's address:
Congrats can be emailed to

To write:
Jeff and Brenda Langlois
6103 Stetin Dr
Wausau, WI 54401
715 843-0097

Kathy doesn't check email for months so call her at :
715 359-7589

Sunday, 03/08/200310:00 pm by Rick Jones

Patrick Casey Henneger 
(son of Sheila Casey Henneger and Rick Henneger)got engaged 
to be married January 5th 2003 to Rebecca Bosque. 
Patrick and Becky met in 1998 when they both studied abroad in
Australia. They are planning to be married in October 2004
in Madison, WI
WOOHOO - I'm back on the job after a little
sabbatical !
William and Patrick Casey's updated

Please verify your info
Several E-mails have changed - mine is now
anyone know what Kevin and Vicki Mcgiverins is ? I dont't
and PLEASE -send any one /everyones that you know (in family)


Sunday, 11/20/20028:00 pm by BOB CASEY

Marshal Laughlin 11/21/1941
BOB Casey 11/21/1941 !
YOU do the math !

Bob casey reminded me that I want to put birthdays by month on here. 
look for that feature in the not toooo distant future !
I think the genealogy book - semi final draft 
will be done soon - if you haven't done so

Deb and I will be on vacation 12/8-12/2002
Right after that I will be getting a couple drafts out to a few prime suspects
that's you Ree/Bob  -  they then are forced to help me correct a few things 
and the final draft will be in time for CHRISTMAS

Sunday, 11/16/200210:00 pm by Rick

William "Billy" Casey family updated!
I have been really busy lately ! We had a home vacation...
hit a deer and darn near totaled the "Lincoln" !
Hit a turkey with my van...  Deer hunting next week - 
Another vacation week of DEC 8th so updates
have been/will be slow. 

Sunday, 10/22/20028:00 pm by BOB CASEY

If you are so inclined, visit the Department  of Defense web page below and
sign a brief message  thanking the men and  women of the U.S.  military
services for defending our freedom. The  compiled list of names will be sent
out to our soldiers at the end of the month.  So far, there are only about
819K names. What a shame. National  Military  Appreciation Month (please
pass it)
takes 10 seconds...literally
Lets see if we can make it a cool million!
its over I was :National Military Appreciation

If you are so inclined, visit the Department  of Defense web page below and
sign a brief message  thanking the men and  women of the U.S.  military
services for defending our freedom. The  compiled list of names will be sent
out to our soldiers at the end of the month.  So far, there are only about
819K names. What a shame. National  Military  Appreciation Month (please
pass it)
takes 10 seconds...literally
its 1.4million + right now

Only seems to work in Internet explorer 
sorry netscape users I tried
You can now order either of these CD's !
Family Reunion includes all photos from family reunion
that JD laughlin , Tom Casey, Megan Scott Taylor and I took!
Including 2 slide shows - 1 I made with picts from family tree
1 from photos from reunion!
The second Cd is all the pictures from 
McGiverin / Cieslewicz wedding that I took and the slide
show I produced from that.
The price is only $5.00 for each CD to  pay for blanks and 
shipping ($10,00 for both) ORDER FORM <--click to order
Watch this space for possible having a short preview version
on the net - if i can figure out how   : )

Sunday, 9/22/20021:00 pm by Rick

Please note I have added a links page - sparse at the moment.
BUT after you all send me your favorite links it will be a great 
resource area.  Please E-Mail me YOUR personal web pages and
favorite sites to add to this page!

I was going to begin with both reunion slide shows (before and "at")
and the McGiverin/Cieslewicz Wedding slide show - HOWEVER 
these files are to large to download, so for a mere $5.00 I'll send 
all 3 on a CD. These are files any up to date computer with a CD
should be able to play (regular executable files)

Order page available soon on the links page for the slide shows 
and the Genealogy Book also !
Also Note: I am unemployed at the moment - any web site 
building jobs or other leads on employment - appreciated!
in order for this page to load faster OLD news and Info was 
moved to thelinks page or click Here --> old news

Therese Anne McGiverin &
James Cieslewicz
September 14, 2002

Saturday, 9/07/200210 :00 pm by Rick

Happy B DAY TO ME! almost half a century
Thanks Bob Casey and Ree Casey - You guys know why!
Please click here and see some more Reunion Photos
from me and John Laughlin IV!

so you can only see the thumbnails! (except first few)
Any one that can offer me free (or cheap)
webspace let me know ASAP ! I'm at 10mb now and will need at 
least 10 more. I can't update any more family groups
till i get space. : (
Tuesday, 8/20/200210 :00 pm by Rick

THANKS Megan Taylor - her reunion shots!!

Wednesday, 8/21/200210 :00 am by Rick

Thanks To Tom Casey for the arrivals 
Monday sometime.
Does he sleep?)
(my own pictures are locked up on John Laughlin's 
computer somewhere)!